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The numerical prices shown are the ask prices (the higher of the bid-ask spread). However, the graphs show the bid prices (the lower of the bid-ask spread).
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Welcome to Lincoln Coin & Bullion
July 22, 2024:   Metals prices have dipped a bit, but still at relative highs.  We are experiencing higher-than-typical volume/product turnover, it has been hard to keep website listings up to date...  With world happenings in general, premiums are in flux.  Our suppliers/wholesalers are experiencing heavy volume too.  We have been busy, and so if we don't answer the phone, absolutely leave a message, and will get back to you as quickly as we can.  Lastly, we have temporarily increased our order down payment from 30% to 70%, and orders over $150k to 85%. 
Welcome to Lincoln Coin & Bullion!  -  We aim for First-Rate & Impressive Service, and Excellence in What We Do! 
Since our inception in 2006, we’ve grown into a full-scale Precious Metal Bullion Dealer that serves those Purchasing and Selling 3- to 7-figures of Gold, Silver, Platinum, & Palladium Bullion (see our Product pages).  We also deal in Historic Currency Collections (numismatic coins and bills), including providing quotes & paid appraisals (further described toward the bottom of the page).  We do both bullion and currency collections, often if someone as one, they have the other.  


Not Your Typical Coin/Bullion Shop, What Makes Us Unique
  • Private & Secure  -  We realize folks often prefer to have a small footprint, to not broadcast their personal business.  Locked-Door & Appointment-Only.  We keep only minimal numismatics at our location, to eliminate folks milling about.  We keep a decent stock, but any bullion you order gets shipped to us first for your examination.  In addition to latest version of the Sigma Tester (with thru-testing), we also have Ultrasonic Testers, and an XRF.
  • On-Hand, First-Rate Bullion Inventory  Walk-in/Walk-out, See-Before-You-Buy, and not everything-under-the-sun.  Concise, quality selection of inventory, the bullion that effectively does its job.  You are not shooting yourself in the foot with any of our items.
  • Informing & Transparent  -  We tell you the things you would want to know, without needing to ask them.  We let you know just how we get paid (our cost of business, including how we derive our pricing).  Our web listings show quantities and premiums.  Our photos are not photoshopped.
We invite you to view our In-Stock & Available-For-Order inventory, which can be found in the Products drop-down menu above, or by Clicking The Below Links.  We carry a healthy quantity of bullion inventory on hand, with the idea is to be able to walk-in/walk-out, and see it before you buy it, ideally avoiding shipments. 
See Our Available Inventory (click links):
                 Gold Products
                 Silver Products
                 Pre-1933 Gold
                   Platinum & Palladium Products
COMING SOMETIME 2024...  Two Phases, an overall face-lift, then click and buy.  New features will include:  Interior and Exterior Photos, a Daily Market Brief posting, and short videos of our XRF, Ultrasound, and Sigma Testers.  And Click and Buy!  We are looking forward to presenting these to you!!

Our established customers are welcome to call in to reserve items and/or lock spot prices (which is considered a done-deal) on purchases/orders over the phone.  New customers may do so as well with a 30% down payment. 

If you are considering your first purchase of precious metals, we would be happy to set aside a good 45 to 60 minutes to discuss and review some items to know/consider on bullion, what generally is available, and the mechanics of a purchase.  This can be done over the phone, and/or in person.  Looking over and handling the bullion helps everything sink in.  There is a lot to consider, and can be overwhelming on even where to start.  We understand.  We are here to guide you through the process.  And it goes without saying, all business conducted with us is confidential.   

Looking for a precious metals for a Self-Directed IRA?  The vast majority of our bullion is intentionally IRA-eligible.  We have seen a decent increase in interest in Self-Directed IRA's starting mid-2022, and we are happy to discuss how those work.  Also, many of our clients have set up accounts with Jones Bank in Seward, NE (they have quite reasonable fees).  There are many online options as well; we have worked with GoldStar Trust Co. and New Direction Trust Co.  

We offer complimentary shipping (fully insured, adult-signature required) for purchases over $1k, otherwise shipping is a flat rate of $14.  For orders we place with our suppliers (as opposed to what we have in-stock), we ask for minimum quantities of 50 oz. for Silver;  & 2 oz. for Gold, Platinum, & Palladium.

Please note:  Items marked Arriving Soon could go back to Available For Order prior to arrival, as our customers are always welcome to call and purchase items before they arrive.  Looking for something specific?  We are happy to take note and call you when we get those item(s) in.  We are connected with ~12 wholesalers/suppliers, and can likely get you what you are looking for, so please ask.  

For payments on purchases, we accept cash & check.  We also accept debit and credit cards; however we add a 2% and 3.5% fee respectively for their use.  We can also accept wire transfer.  

Looking to sell bullion, while bullion pricing can be condition-dependant, we are happy to quote over the phone.  When you sell, we can pay you cash, business check, or cashier's check, wire, or any combination thereof.  We use Union Bank & Trust (UBT) for all our transactions.  

We offer quotes &  appraisal services for large collections/estates (both bullion and historic currency), for example, with no intent to sell - at $135/hour (first half-hour no fee).  For customers who wish to have coin, currency, or bullion collections evaluated with the potential to sell, we offer line-itemed quotes (typically good for 1-2 weeks).  If primarily bullion, typically we can quote numbers over the phone.  We do occasionally travel off-site for appraisals of large collections, depending on location and availability. 

Why don't we have cases and cases of coins for sale??  When we purchase historic currency/coin collections, we intentionally sell only a minimal amount at our location, to eliminate folks browsing.  Common currency/coins we accumulate and sell in bulk.  Non-bulk historic currency/numismatic items are mostly fed into a regional Nebraska auction we partner with (10+ year relationship - we generate lots, they run the auction).  

Call 402.327.2853 to arrange an appointment, or email us at for additional information.  Thank You, and we look forward to serving you soon!

‚ÄčPat Moran


Who we are...

Lincoln Coin & Bullion, LLC, is a local, private Coin and Bullion dealer that has served Lincoln, Nebraska, and the surrounding area, since 2006.  We specialize in precious metals and numismatics (historic currency), and are proud to offer excellent prices and knowledgeable service.  Our business aims to provide each of our clients with a tailored informative, educational, valuable, and memorable experience.  While we are a local family-run business, we are capable of transactions of all sizes, whether it is a few hundred dollars, or 7-figures.  We are happy to answer as many questions as you have, as well as offer up education and knowledge, while being sure to mention the things I'd want someone to tell me.

What we do...

We buy and sell gold, silver, plantinum, and palladium bars and coins (bullion).  We buy gold scrap and sterling flatware.  We also buy and sell historic/collectible (numismatic) coins, currency, and bills. 
For your privacy, security, and to ensure our availablity, we are available by appointment only.  Please call 402.327.2853 to make an appointment to meet with us at our office. 
Since 2014, there has been NO SALES TAX  in Nebraska (article link and video link) on bullion, coins, or paper money, making Nebraska the 31st state with such an exemption.  We are proud to have been instrumental in the passage of this exemption, as one of our founding owners, Debra Olson, spearheaded the Nebraska effort.  There are now 44 states that have sales tax exemptions on these items.  4 of the 6 remaining states had pending legislature this spring, but did not get passed this go around.  Currently there is a strong movement around the country to have all 50 states have sales tax expemptions, with a big push planned for 2025. 
We are proud again (Spring 2024) to have worked with Sen. Hansen and testify for the bill recently that removed state income tax on bullion (capital gains), and dis-allowing CBDC (central bank digital currency) to be considered currency (article link).  Nebraska is now part of 11 states that do not have state income tax on bullion.  We aim to catch up to the states at the forefront, those passing legislation that recognize gold and silver as legal tender, or even setting up state bullion depositories. 
All of this legislative work gives Americans better access and protection to precious metals bullion, and sends Washington the message of desired fiscal responsibility.
We thank the Nebraskans that voiced their opinions to their legislators, Nebraska Senators who supported these bills, the Nebraska Retail Federation, the The Sound Money Defense League, and the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (now called the National Coin and Bullion Association) for all the support, knowledge, work, and assistance they provided. 
      Please feel free to contact us (phone or email) with any and all questions!  Thank You!



Live Spot Prices
The numerical prices shown are the ask prices (the higher of the bid-ask spread). However, the graphs show the bid prices (the lower of the bid-ask spread).
Markets are closed--with prices unchanging--weekdays from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m., and weekends beginning 4:00 p.m. Friday until 5:00 p.m. Sunday, as well as select holiday hours.
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